Visit to Parc Tenbosch, Brussels

This post is a photo-essay of one visit to Parc Tenbosch in Brussels, known as "green miracle in the heart of Ixelles" one of the comunne in Brussels, that now is named after the one of the streets but in the past it was called Semet, after the dendrologist who owned it and today is the park is a property of Brussels-Capital Region.

It is a relatively small public garden (2 hectares) surrounded by buildings, of landscaped areas, that are intertwined with paths and green walls creating spaces dedicated to children, or to ball games, bancs for resting or reading, in all the park can be considered an oasis that serves to the residents of the area, one of the most centric districts of the city.

Tenbosch is a word that literally means "park of the woods", in this park there are more than fifty different trees, that are catalogued in the national inventory

Specimens of liquidambar, evodia, tilia japonica, sophora japonica, or a horse chestnut, are some of the more interesting trees in the park. 

 But also along the walk, there are bushes and shrubs, perennial, annuals, etc., that in spring offer a colorful note in the middle of the green.


What a wonderful park! It looks like a great place for all ages to relax!
Beautiful images and a wonderful place to visit. Thank you for taking us.
Donna said…
what a beautiful garden walk...I love the way the light played in the photos
jeansgarden said…
Lula, What an inviting looking park! The images of the path, especially the first one, made we want to drop everything and go for a walk. -Jean
Masha said…
Thank you for the virtual tour. This park looks beautiful in your pictures. Wonderful photography.
Andrea said…
Wow, if only i have funds this is what i always wanted to do with the property we own in the province, tag everything with common and Scientific names and be an educational park for children. It will also be a showcase for maintaining and sustaining the environment. I am sure the birds, butterflies and other fauna will also love it. Oh my wish, i hope there will be a genie!
Cynthia said…
What a beautiful oasis!
Lula, The park is beautiful but your photographs are amazing. I am glad you branched out to do a series of photos on one subject because your talent really shines. It makes me want to go there. Carolyn
Lula said…
Thank you very much for your kind comments. The place is an oasis in the middle of the city and I have visited it several times to find the angles from where to portrait it, though there is a part that's being restored and could not waked.