Bougainvillea - island of Mallorca

Greetings from the beautiful Mallorca, in the Balearic Islands!
I am on vacation and I will be posting from here.  But today I leave you with the first image from my terrace, a fuchsia bougainvillea and a palm tree: the essence and perfect portrait of the Mediterranean!


Lula, Have a great vacation. Can't wait to see more photos. Carolyn
Donna said…
these beautiful flowers were everywhere on the Island of Capri in Italy as well..have a grand vacation
lula said…
Thank you Carolyn, I am happy after a day full of discoveries. I am posting some of them
Donna, es these flowers are all along the Mediterranean and a candy to the eyes with al the different colors.
PlantPostings said…
Gorgeous! Bougainvillea is a personal favorite "can't grow it here" plant. I love seeing it when I'm on vacation. Enjoy your time there!