Gardens "s'Hort del Rei", Palma de Mallorca

Urban gardens surrounded by the medieval walls and buildings and Palma's cathedral, they are Andalusian inspired, and very Mediterrean in vegetation.


Looks like a perfect place to relax. I particularly like the first shot. It is so inviting!
These gardens are so beautifully cool and green.
PlantPostings said…
Very beautiful! And I love the water features!
jeansgarden said…
Lula, It's beautiful. It looks so cool and inviting. -Jean
Lula said…
The gardens are quite small but really appreciated for the freshness they offer especially in summer, and last was really, really warm! a walk in the evening with the sea in the background can bring relax and memories of past times.
It's so fabulous, Lula, that you were able to visit the gardens and meet the Pacific Horticulture group.
I .. am .. envious;;-]