Documenting gardens at Verveke Foundation (Stekene)

Blogging on Wednesdays is for selpfpotraits, so here is me documenting gardens at Verbeke Foundation, in Stekene, near Antwerp.  A post with some images, will follow in the next days.


lula said…
Thanks Carolyn!
Fun to see you in action! Being behind the lens it isn't often we actually end up in the photos. Looking forward to seeing the results!
This is my third time to this post. I have not been able to post comments on many blogs due to some WP issue and wanted to make sure to come back here. I just wanted to say I like the images of you in the process of photographing and was wondering if you shot yourself or had another shoot the images? I was going to do a self portrait in my garden, using my other camera. I thought it would be fun. I will be back to see the garden photos too.
lula said…
Thanks Karin, since the documenting is a work-in-progress, I will be posting in takes. First one will be next week.
lula said…
Donna, in this case as in other works, my producer was shooting me working, but i do shoot myself in many cases, with tripod or through a reflection on glass or mirrors. I will incorporate more of theses images in posts.