Malus - urban foraging

This tree is one of the new group planted last spring when the street, round the corner where I live, was renovated.  To my surprise they were full of beatutiful white blossoms by mid spring and later in the sumer they started to grow some sort of little berries, I thought.  But some weeks later when fruits grew I learned the trees were crabapples, I am not sure what variety.

So, in the very spirit of urban forager we have been collecting some of the little fruits and try different uses at the kitchen.  Here is the latest: crabapples and raisins (little spicy) liquor, aromatized wih cinnamon. After some weeks it tastes fantastic and it will perfect for the long cold nights to have after dinner, now that winter is approaching.

Anyone can help in identifying from the images, what variety of malus could this tree be?


Although the fruit helps with identifying Malus cultivars and species, you really need to look at the flowers and habit of the tree too. There are a lot of different varieties, and I don't know that much about them. Great you could use the fruit.
Anonymous said…
Love the jar filled with crabapples. It is such a moody shot!
lula said…
Thanks carolyn, I do not have any images from spring blossoms, so I'll have to wait until next srpign to know, well that is nature!
lula said…
Donna, the shoot looks the image for the holidays, doens't it?