Hortus Botanicus Leiden

View of the Winter Garden from the Clusius Garden at the Hortus Botanicus Leiden.


I love the angle of the shot and the lighting. Architecture is hard to shoot and get a favorable angle. I am an architect and rarely shoot buildings. Even my own projects. I have a perspective lens only for my film camera so you can see why no building photos.
lula said…
thank Donna, it is a fantastic place that inspired me many images with the different buildings and gardens, including the winter garden. I will post a collection next week
Shyrlene said…
Lula - I love everything about this!! There is the visual interest of the photo, just by itself. Then there is the architectural contrast of the classic brick building vs. the stark structure of the greenhouse (and organic contrast of the plants inside); and finally the formality of the exterior gardens with their planting beds. Thanks for sharing the link too!
lula said…
Shyrlene, thank you so much, your comment is very helpful, It was not easy to capture the image, there was so much to look at, so much information for only one single shot and I am very glad it seems I was succesful i delivering. I am very happy you lked it. I will be posting this week about the complete visit, it was absolutely great.