Prêt-à-porter potager?

I visited some days ago the nursery to buy some bulbs to force them and have some color at home (post about color will follow this one), and I saw this ready-to-go potager. At first I was intrigued and thought that is OK to buy ready-made stuff and have it for your terrace if you do not have a garden.

But then inmediately I discarded the idea because the whole point of having your own potager is to do it yourself for the healthy benefits of growing your own and for the fun of actually doing it, of building your own "miniature orchard".  This is definitely not my idea of green and sustainable living.
What is yours opinion?


Donna@GWGT said…
Well, it looks like it still is the same seeds that you plant, they just provide the container. I don't mind these prepackaged items, they encourage non-gardeners to give it a try, and they are great for those without much room to garden.
lula said…
Donna, I do understand you point, but what I am not happy with is the money they charge mostly for some wood for the bed. It is true as you say it might encourage many to start a small kitchen garden,but I see it as a too commercial product. But, the possitive is that is telling: you can do it!
PlantPostings said…
Yes, that is a tough call, Lula. I can definitely see the pros and cons of such a commercial product. In any case, it is wonderful to start a potager garden in any form.
lula said…
Liz, yes the good thing is a pro-active attitude, and if the "set" helps, then it is welcome!
Interesting...I see how that could be a turn-off. It would not be something I would use, but novice gardeners or gardeners with little time might find it convenient. It is very commercial, and I always wonder about the waste involved in these types of products. Perhaps they could come up with a better way that would still be convenient.