A thank you to Karin

I like to thank Karin, from Southern Meadows, who has given me  a "Versatile Blogger Award" and I really appreciate it.  But let me jst change a bit the protocol here and just invite you to check on some blogs I follow and enjoy reading, all deserving the award as well and I that may have not being already awarderd.

I find Donna from Garden walk, garden talk, a really versatile blogger as she edits posts about many different subjects, but I really appreciate her enthusiasm in sharing her photography and "tips" with her readers.
Jill from Landscapelover, always offers a particular vision of history of landscape, now from a different continent.
John Grimshaws garden diary is one of these very informative and amusing blogs.
As for travel blogs, I like to read the notes from Alice in Alice's garden travel buzz, or the journeys from one continent to another of Charlotte from The galloping gardener.


Donna@GWGT said…
Thank you so much Lulu for recognizing GWGT. The blog was created to be versatile and explore many different categories besides gardening. My job is designing landscapes and I very rarely show any of that on the blog. I enjoy the outdoors and take every opportunity to find a way to get in and look much deeper.

I am honored to be included in the group you selected and that you were selected yourself. They and you go above and beyond with quality work. You know how much I enjoy your photography and I feel you have helped to influence a path I am on currently, joining a photography club. It brings back so much that I had in School and failed to use for so many years. Many thanks again.
landscapelover said…

Thanks for the mention! I love this series of winter photographs and agree with Donna about the inspirational quality of your work.