A late GBBD post: Introducing the garden

This a little late but I wanted to use the GBBD at May Dreams Garden post to first show some areas of the new garden.  It is an inhereited garden so the first thing was to analyze what to do.  It is rather dificult to do it in a countdown to summer time, so the decision was to "repair" what was damaged or neglected, re organize was our ot layout and add some new plants for the hot season.

Here everybody say that there are two springs, being the second one in early fall when the temperatures drop and rain is much more than welcome.  But till that time comes, we have the long, hot and dry summer and perhaps it is good time for designing for fall.

The garden is a succession of different areas around the house a bit disconnected, the main plan, and challenge, will be to create a sense of communication with paths and borders and colors.

Views of the gardens in July:

Palm trees with succuletns and rock garden

Aloe vera, there many, but there will be a special area for have them together, the aloe garden. in the backgroung a paulownia tree.

 The herbs garden with aromatics for the kitchen

A new addition, lonicera heckrotii climber fast growing and very hardy for summer dry months

Cucurbitaceae: melons and pumpkins,

I am using also the flowers for salads,

And this is a very special area, the aquatics section, a "safraig" or small pond that was unused and now is the habitat for trapa natans, eichhornia crassipes, cyperus esculentus, cyperus papyrus, algae, fishes, etc., that are helping to build life in the water in a sustainable way.

 This is one of the favorites spots for birds and fireflies

The small fountain on the left,

The bananas trees are fast growers and very ornamental

One of the symbols of the Mediterrean: the grapevine, not sure the variety, hopefuully local and sweet!

The first raspberry was delicious!

Another section is the orchard with local varieties for the kitchen.  So far is doing well, although we had to plant very late, but we are already harvesting the first vegetables and they taste great,

And the section for color: petunias, zinnias, hemerocallis,

Flower arrangements from the garden with branches of lantana camara,

Some traditional vintage glass jars, for decoration

Color in the pond from the lantana,

 The night was coming and was time for al fresco dinner with salads herbs from our orchard,


Your new garden looks lovely! I like the kitchen garden and the water feature. Looks like you will have lots of fun planning and planting in your new space!
Marisa said…
Some lovely images. I especially love the lantana flowers in your pond. Your plans for an aloe garden sound great. They are putting on a great show here at the moment.
lula said…
Thank you Karen, I am coming back to blog regularly, so you will see how the gaarden develops, but also many other gaardens and projects
lula said…
Marisa, I just visited your blog, great and some many things in common! Thanks
PlantPostings said…
You are going to have so much fun with that garden, Lula! It looks like the perfect canvas for your camera skills and your love of plants. Enjoy!
scottweberpdx said…
Lovely post! You're so smart to wait and get a feeling for the garden...I kind of wish I had waited a year before doing anything...I probably would have avoided making a lot of silly mistakes (like thinking a certain spot is full sun, when in realilty, only get's sun in the height of summer)!