From the orchard, a GBBD update

The last weeks have been a constant test for the improvements done in the orchard and they have shown that though planted very late, we must have done something well because we have been harvesting some salads, tomatoes, herbs, and edible flowers.   This post shows a collection of images from the last week until today, a story of what we have now in the kitchen, not too much but enough for starting to enjoy our food.

Let's start by the salads harvested this morning; raf and cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, green pepper, okra leaves, flowers and fruits,

This is the bowl for the salad leaves miix, with pumpkins flowers and rucula,

They saladas come from the so called "Fukuoka area"

This lettuce is locally known as "summer gorgeous"

The kitchen here cannot work without tomatoes and they have many varieties, These are "raf" 

These are "ramallet" variety, they last months for winter use and on the left are the "coeur de boeuf", delicious! 

Dramatic shots of flowers to be pumpkins


 I love the green beans, we are growing different local varieties,

New adds to the herbs garden, salvia farinacea, beautiful blue flowers, although you can see here it is more purple, the light or the change or color that Jean's garden post talked about?  

And, my favorite so far: the okras.  I love to eat all: fruits, leaves and flowers, and they can be cooked in many ways, or eaten even raw.  I will talk more about them in another post.

And I love the red color in the base of the flowers!

This is the first flower of the Physella peruviana, I cannot wait t taste the fruits!

We are preparing a aloe vera garden and here are the first plants that are going to be re-planted in a new a zone of the garden,

We are using sweet potatoes to prepare good soil.

And the final images are for some garden details

The new awning over the pond to help as a sunshade for the aquatic plants.

Cyperus papyruns and Cyperus esculentus in the pond.

And this is the story for todays GBBD, thanks to May dreams gardens, garden blogger's day August


Anonymous said…
Lula, It looks as though you have lots of yummy eating. (I love cooking and eating at this time of year!) -Jean
PlantPostings said…
Yum! Congrats on the impressive harvest, Lula. And I love the shots of vegetable and fruit blooms--they're definitely underappreciated. Beautiful!
Your garden is coming along so nicely. Your harvest looks scrumptious! Love all the photos...they are so inspiring!
Carolyn said…
I always think that vegetables are as beautiful as flowers and your photos prove it. I especially like the squash. I also like that you have text describing the photos.
lula said…
Thanks jean, is so rewarding having a fresh salad for your garden!
lula said…
Liz, yes if you look close you find lots of nice flowers in vegs to shoot, I love the behind-the-fruis world there. Thanks!
lula said…
Karin, it was a lot of work, but is so good to harvest in the morning before the sun hits hard!
lula said…
Thanks Carolyn, These dyas I am focused on documenting the process of the orchard since we are suing experimenting with different new techniques for the area, and I amazed by the beauty I find.