Capparis spinosa

Would you recognize this flower?

It is edible, the caper, but especially the fruit, the caper berry that is very much used in italian and Mediterranean gastronomy.

The flowers are delicate and the light during the day changes slightly the colors,

The plant needs a semiarid climate, lots of daylight and sun to offer a good harvest.  It is also used as a cover ground, but will not tolerate frozen temperatures.   Here is the plant covering a wall and used as ornamental in a friend's garden.


I've never seen that plant before. The blooms are so stunning! Thanks for sharing!
Wow, that first photo is one of those that makes you gasp because of its beauty. Lovely plant and blooms!
lula said…
Thank you Karin, you should try both the flowers and caper they are delicious in pizzas or any other Italina food!
lula said…
Thank you Liz, I am planning to have some in the garden next year, they are really elegant.