Aeonium arboreum

This is Aeonium arboreum in full bloom is a wonderful surprise just before Xmas.


Anonymous said…
Another plant I do not know at all, but very lovely.
Wow, what a fun Christmas tree-shaped plant! It's great that it's blooming now. I don't recall seeing/hearing about it before. Neat.
lula - botanical photography said…
Thank you jill, for visiting and your comments. I am glad I can share plants that are new to you. This is a succulent but can be as 1.5 meter height. I inherited several in the garden, and they subtropical and native to Canary Islands.
lula - botanical photography said…
Liz, though I knew the plant this is the first time I see it with flowers and all of the ones in the garden are at one blooiming, it is a festival in yellow!!!