Two years in Blotanical. Happy new year 2013!!!

My first posts being a member of the Blotanical community were published two years ago, right around Xmas time, and since then it has been a real pleaure to share my photography with the gardener's community and enthusiasts, and lately also having the chance to share my new garden.

Today's celebration is giving me the opportunity to thank you all my readers, followers and Blotanical fellows. I want to wish all a very inventive, creative, green, sustainable and above all, really happy new year.  No snow this year, but the image is of a beautiful is natural park with a colony of Juniperus thurifera and some Pinus halepensis, on a protected coastal dune system, bathed with full moon.

A toast to a very prosperous 2013!!!


Anonymous said…
Congrats on two years. In blogging, that is a milestone. I have been happy to follow your posts and beautiful photography.
PlantPostings said…
Happy New Year, Lula! It has been a pleasure to get to know you during the past two years. Here's to a great gardening season for both of us!
Anonymous said…
Lula, This is a beautiful image. I'm excited by your new focus on capturing landscapes as well as plants. I always find the former much more difficult in my own amateur photography efforts, and I'm hoping to learn by studying your photographs. Happy New Year! -Jean