Arisarum vulgare

In on previous post I needed help to identify this bulb that I have seen around and collected from open fields or roads.

Well, Liz from PlantPostings, was right and helped me to name this rhizome, it is Arisarum vulgare, a a herbaceous and perennial lnative to Europe and very much spread in the Mediterraneum in the winter months.

They have a very sculptural shape and look

 I used them as floral arrangements althought they last very few days.


Unknown said…
Parabéns abraços
Andrea said…
It is lovely, is it also an aroid?
lula said…
Andrea, this plant was new for me, but I have done some research and it appears it is not from the same family
Anonymous said…
A very pretty look at this plant. I like it in the arrangement too. Arum has such great form.
lula said…
Thank you Donna