Crassula ovata

Flowers from the garden for the new year, this Crassula is commonly known as jade plant or money plant, is blooming this week showing beautiful tiny white/pink flowers giving some color to the misty mornings.


Love this plant! Mine bloomed a few years ago when I left them in the cool garage. I learned that they need a cold spell to encourage blooms.
Kalantikan said…
Oh hi Lula, Happy New Year. There are jade plants here too, but i haven't seen them flower. Maybe they need cold temperatures for flower induction, and we don't have that!
lula said…
Karin, it's so lovely seeing little flowers in the morning in the mist!
lula said…
Andrea, Happy new year to you! thanks fo visiting. I think they need cold temperatures and also a lot of humifity, two conditions happening right now where ai live, so I am lucky to sse the blooms