GBBD: January into the winter

We have been enjoying a very mild weather in the past two months, but now it seems here it is definitely winter, not the winter of northern exposures, but winter in temperatures and winds some storms with not much rain, but intense humidity, almost everyday at 98% in the past weeks.  That gives a moisture to the ground that is like precious rain and so the fields are green, the country has a special scent early in the mornings when the mist covers everything and you can hardly see the sun battling over the clouds.

Yesterday there was very bleak light all day long and I decided to wait until today to check how the garden and the potager was doing to see if was lucky with the images.  It is always a great pleasure to spend sometime walking around to discover surprises.  This GDDB, thank you My Dream Garden blog for hosting this posts from gardeners!, is about what is growing in the potager, which is one of the happy surprises in winter: vegetables are doing really well and you will see in the images below, I can hardly wait to have harvest some and try them in the kitchen!



general view with artichokes

salads and peas in intriguing designs

delicious salads 

local varieties of carrots and winter salads


  and the pots in the greenhouse,

and in the gardens lavenders are still in full bloom!

Aeonium in at it s best,

even the Urtica looks interesting (!) 

and to my astonishment the almond trees are starting to bloom!

and here one question, who can tell the name of this plant/flower?  It should a bulb and grows in the open fields and the sides of roads, 

Last night's skies were sublime,

And this is it for the month.


PlantPostings said…
Magical images, as always, Lula. The first one with the mist is especially lovely. Sounds like you have the perfect weather for a healthy Lettuce crop! I believe that last plant is a type of Arisaema, but I'm not sure which one. It's slightly different than our A. triphyllum (Jack-in-the-pulpit), common in the woods here. Happy GBBD!
What a beautiful sunrise with the fog! That is a nice way to start the day with a little mystery. Your vegetable garden looks amazing! Our winter has overall been mild but sometimes the temperatures do fluctuate from freezing to warm and humid. The blooms and wildlife seem to manage alright.