Shobhana Tyroller's estate garden in Santanyi

Artist Shobhana Tyroller , Belgium born and a Majorcan resident for many years, started her estate garden over 20 years ago, when the family bought the "finca" near Santanyi.  The area is a good example of a Mediterranean landscape where you have to be very careful with the use of natives and  adapted species and highly concerned with the management of water.

From the beginning she was determined to design her garden working with nature and understanding the conditions and necessities of the area and using as much as possible the original vegetation with touches of design.  After some years dedicated to planting, she started to let nature work on its own pace. 

The good design has paid off and now the gardens do not require hard work but, just some seasonal care, using ecological methods and what is most important, no watering at all.  The owner is very concern with inspiring others to garden in a sustainable way.

The home is organized by juxtaposition of several buildings and interconnected and respecting traditional architecture that tries to mimic colors of the land.

From some angles the house looks a fortress surrounded by vegetation that helps fight the hot and overwhelming sunny summers.  Along the years she has tried different ideas, designs and plants and introduced some new specimens that proved to be good choices. 

 But, there have been some surprises, when trees have appeared spontaneousl, like this Melia azedarach, offereing beatiful small and scented purple flowers.

There are many different areas that are defined by stone walls, green islands. or flowering bushes

Near the house, some areas where planned to offer shade and protection from the sun in summer days,

but also work as perfect spots to enjoy alfresco dinners.

 One of the great surprises of the house is the owner's studio, that houses her patchwork atelier and painting workshop.

The home also houses a collection of her and her daughter Anjali's work.

There are many details of the artist's personality in the house and gardens.

Another section of the estate is about preserving the original landscape's stone buildings, now completely restored and a good example of preserving vernacular architecture heritage.

There are many details that talk about the interconnection between nature and architecture.


PlantPostings said…
Now that is an artist's paradise! Actually, it would be paradise to just about anyone, I would think!
The Melia is a lovely plant. And that last scene with the sitting area is dreamy!
lula said…
Thank Liz, she is a real artist on both worlds.
I particularly like that last photo. I'd like to be sitting there.
lula said…
Thank you Cindy, it is a great spot to admire the garden
Anonymous said…
Really interesting building design and construction. I like the gardens and all the different garden rooms. Love a walled garden too.