FInca Binifela in Capdepera, organic vegetables and fruit

Visit to Finca Binifela where Georg Bräutigam, who is the general manager of the estate, was our host to the premises and showed us around and explained the philosophy of the business: "to make agriculture and livestock, not forced and long-term sustainable" therefore, everything produced at Binifela is organic.  That is absolutely good news!  They have a shop and also serve home delivery weekly boxes with seasonal products.

The day was stormy and windy, but it only made the landscape more dramatic.

This shed was all covered with vines that you can hardly see the entrance 
A collection of gardenalia tools, used today looking really solid and beautiful
The Acanthus mollis are invassive and is hard work to maintain them out of the fields, but in this case the decorative use of covering a stone wall for steps, make them useful 
 Nasturtiums in four different colors from one plant is quite singular,
This is one of the boxes we took home with some products from the finca's shop.  Very healthy and tasty!!


Anonymous said…
That just looks so European. Love the photos and I know I would love the place.
Anonymous said…
This looks a fabulous place, and I love that you can take some of the produce home.