Signe Groos' olive trees orchard, designed as a natural garden

One of the garden visits I documented in past months and i enjoyed very much in doing so, was the visit to a "finca" that has an unusual but impressive olive trees orchard. The owner of the estate, Signe Groos, a former Balearic Branch Head of the Mediterranean Garden Society, does not consider her estate as forest or a plantation, but more a natural environment with a designed olive trees garden, which is how she defines her designed landscape.

The estate is located in the east of the island and has different a varied garden areas, with many tones of green

Some of them  are surrounding the buildings and the leisure areas, with well adapted to local climate plants

The start of the garden dates back to 1998, and consists of acres of natural woodland with Olea europaea and also Quercus ilex.  For years the owner has been clearing the area and pruning trees to let the natural design of the landscape appears.

The walk from the houses opens to one of the most striking but attractive area is the olive trees orchard. Some of them have been heavily trimmed offering curious shapes.

The overall sensation is of close contact with the essence of the place, a natural environment that has been well respected and maintained.

There are many personal touches and details along the different sections.

It was a very relaxing and visit, and instructive too, for we could appreciate the passionate work of a designer who has learned how to work in collaboration with nature.


Unknown said…
realmente fantásticas imagens, que lugar mais delicioso, calmo, transmite paz.
Obrigada por compartilhar.
Lula said…
Thanks Elisabete for visiting the blog.
Those trees are so beautiful. What a treasure.
What beautiful views ... that pool! It looks like a place I would definitely like to visit. Kind of magical even.
I much enjoyed your photos and comments today. The olive trees are beautiful indeed. For sure can not grow them here on Lake Michigan in the gardens, so I appreciate the posting today. Jack
lula said…
Thank you Cindy! It was a really delightful experience.
lula said…
Yes, kind of magical place, especially the olive trees orchard, I could be "lost" all day there!
lula said…
Thank you jack, the owner of the garden has been working a long time to take out all the beauty of the area, it is a very brave decision to embark on a preservation project in the island.
Anonymous said…
It is commendable the owner looks to preservation and working with the land. The orchard is so pretty and has so much character of place.
lula said…
Thank you Donnathe place has that kind of well managed and cared for atmosphere