Green walkabouts in Amsterdam

Few days ago in Amsterdam, in one of those carrying the camera for shotings all day long, I decided to have an evening walk just enjoying the sunset.  Well, not good idea because I found inspiration for photos about green and vegetation everywhere.  If you live in a place were long summers just give a golden color to the landscape, green feels just so relaxing, even in a cosmopolitan city like Amsterdam.

Here are some images that relaxed my espirit, they were taken with my (very standard) phone so they are very low quality, but I could not resist to keep the images that captivated my eye with so much green in the streets and parks.  Enjoy!


Really nice. Amsterdam is the most charming city.
Kalyan Panja said…
simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the tour. I would love to visit someday. Phone fotos? "It’s not the magic wand, it’s the wizard behind the wand." Remember that!