Urban, recycled, herbs and vegetables, en ecological conscience

In Amsterdam's one of the newest areas of urban development, Eye Film Institute Netherlands has changed the skyline accross Ij.  EYE only opened April last year but is already a focal point in the culture and museums arena in Amsterdam.  It is a fantastic place to visit not only for its innovative and provoking architecture, interesting collection and great film events, but also because this neighbourhood is in a process of evolution and is attracting others,

such as this cafe-bar Toren, recently open and located on the walk side to the EYE,

What attracted my attention is the use of recycled wood and plants for the furniture in the interior and the outdoors terrace.  They explain they are committed to an organic approach with a sustainable conscience.

One of my favorites: a huge tree planted in a wooden container with herbs, that can be used in the kitchen

 The garden shows many "creative" examples of cultivating vegetables

The outdoors seating area, has been just planted, but with time will mature and will offer a green landscape for customers to enjoy.

Another sample of the ecological design is the just nearby Cafe de Pont, a place that uses herbs and vegetables and flowers in the terraces, both as ornamental and for the cafe's kitchen.  Their philosophy is to work as much as possible with organic and seasonal products.


PlantPostings said…
Love all those planters with veggies and flowers. The more I see them and try them myself, the more I appreciate container plantings!
Anonymous said…
This looks a great area, where people feel able to try out unusual ways of building and planting, presumably because it is near a trendy institute and is still developing. It reminds me of some of the temporary displays of herbs planted in unusual ways on London's South Bank this summer, as part of a season-long festival.