From home, greens in the windowsill

News from the new home.
In the first weeks of the year, we have had more rain than in the month of December, and for me it has been a positive change from last year's weather.  Everybody is mentioning hat this winter is very weird in London, temperatures  are above normal, and rainfall is way above normal as well with many floods in different parts of UK.  The gardens in the area cannot get more water.  But we have also days, with blue skies and some signs of early spring.  But we should be aware that there are still months of winter ahead

But in the spirit of this signs of spring I could not resist the offer of micro greens at the super and I am trying to grow salads in the windowsill.  Last winter I was lucky to be able to grow salads and some herbs all winter long, but of course that you can have, when you live in the Mediterranean!


Glad you are above normal in temperature. It is so very very cold here on the shores of Lake Michigan. minus 40 windchill. COLD! Jack
PlantPostings said…
Nice! There's nothing like fresh greens, harvested from your own garden (or windowsill). Congrats on your new home! I can't wait to hear more about your new garden!
Anonymous said…
Wishing you well in your new home. It is cold here and snowy, I wish it was warmer. Nice to have a fresh salad, just like Spring!
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