Ceiba speciosa

This tree is known with different names, Chorisia speciosa, the silk floss tree, or palo borracho in Spanish, since is native to the tropical and subtropical woods in South America.  These images are from a subtropical climate area in Southern Spain, where it shows they grow perfectly in a park just by the sea shore.

Both the trunk that when mature develop prickles and a bottle-shape, and the pink flowers similar to the hibiscus, are really photogenic and a perfect add to a garden.


That is a luscious tree! The blooms look like Lilies. Actually, they look similar to Lycoris squamigera flowers, which are blooming in my garden now. Thanks for introducing me to this tree!
Anonymous said…
That is a very cool tree with a lot of interest. The bark especially makes it special.
Anonymous said…
The flowers are very beautiful, and that bark is fantastic!

It must be a relative of the kapok tree that is very common here in India - the kapok flowers are redder and more fleshy, less delicate, but similar in structure. And it has the same distinctive, thorned trunk.
Anonymous said…
I think the flowers are beautiful. -Jean