Books about Mediterranean gardening

As part of research for some projects this since last summer, I have to read ad check many books about Mediterranean gardening and I would like to share with you two of the most interesting and highly recommended ones, that I have used many times over the past years.

Hugo Latymer, the Mediterranean Gardener:
Hugo Latymer was an authority on plant cultivation and garden design in Mediterranean regions. He spent many years living and gardening on Majorca and became an acknowledged authority on designing and cultivating gardens suited to the dry, hot climate there. He died in 2003.
Heidi Gildemeister "Mediterranean Gardening. A waterwise approach:
Heidi Gildemeister is a founder member of the Mediterranean Garden Society, and her articles on this style of gardening have been published all over the world. She was also a contributor to The New Royal Horticultural Society Dictionary of Gardening (1992)


PlantPostings said…
Oooo, lovely! I wish I had a use for them, although I can see how wonderful they would be as coffee table books, too. I LOVE to vacation in Mediterranean locales!
Anonymous said…
Well, if you have to read books for a project, having beautiful garden books on your agenda should make the project a pleasure. :-) -Jean