Have a Happy New Year 2015!!!

Observing nature one can learn about its cycles and rythms, we humans, have also rules and traditions that mark the time passing.  The end of December is for some cultures the moment of reflection on the year to end, and the time to formulate the best wishes for the new year to start.
For me, is a moment of introspection, intimacy and quietness, something similar to hibernate for a very short period that helps me just connect with that "something" that will bring some sense to daily life.  It is s a time to re-consider values, re-organise priorities, not about to write "to do" list for the year ahead, but to renovate the will and the courage to, whatever it is, do it better.
Let's celebrate and share the best wishes of joy, peace, prosperity, and all good wills you can think about in the new year 2015!!!


PlantPostings said…
Happy New Year, Lula! Well-said. I wish you all the best in the months ahead!
Anonymous said…
I wish you a very happy, healthy New Year. Reflection is good, but looking forward is better. I think looking forward has a more positive look to a New Year. Too often reflection looks back on those that will not have a New Year to celebrate. Those that passed come to the forefront of reflections.
Anonymous said…
Happy New Year, Lula! -Jean