A Mediterranean garden hotel in winter

During past holidays when visiting part of the family in the South of Spain, I was invited to this wonderful place called Casa de los Bates to have an afternoon tea.  The place was built in the nineteenth century as an estate and with Italian inspiration, it was meant to be the home to a family.

It is located in a hill overlooking the Mediterranean tropical coast of Granada, and has been restored to maintain its origins.  Time past and the building and gardens were transformed into a boutique rural hotel, and is run by some members of my in-law family, which were very happy to show us around.

The gardens surrounding the house show the also the moorish influence both in their design and use of plants and trees to organize the different sections.  Fountains and water features help creating relaxing cool areas, as a refuge in hot summer days.

We were lucky to have a very mild afternoon just a the beginning of the new year and enjoy the front porch with an afternoon tea.


PlantPostings said…
Oh dear, it looks heavenly! I do hope to make it to Spain someday. If this place is reasonable, I would check it out. Thanks for the tour and the great photos!
I can see myself there NOW! Oh to travel...
lula said…
Hi Donna, thanks for stopping by. Yes, travels are so much fun, and you know that these days!!