Son Anglada, Majorca, same garden, different seasons

My friend Malén, a fantastic therapist,  has a estate with a very natural (as in worked with nature to let it grow and mature) garden in the island of Majorca, I already posted about it in Mediterranean garden and sunset and share some photos in this blog some months ago, when I visited her and helped her with a new project. These are some images of the garden in summer.

The porch as atrium to the house was the perfect place to escape form the intense heat, was full of flowers and colors, a very Mediterranean design.

It was almost midsummer and the atmosphere was almost magic.

I travel to Majorca last February to spend some days with my friend and check on our project (more on that later) and I was amazed about the changes of the place in different seasons. In summer the flowers were at full bloom, but this image in winter shows few flowers with green vegetation due to the rain and high humidity in the island.

The lawns and vegetable garden are all green in winter and completely arid in its characteristic mares red in summer.

Summer details: almond trees maturing in the heat

And lemons ready to be picked in winter months

My favorite detail: a red cyclamen planted by the naked fig tree

Below the image show some trees covered to help pass the winter, they are very young and need extra protection against the rain and humidity.


Anonymous said…
I really like the views around her house. It is a beautiful property.
Interesting to see the contrast between the seasons. It looks so lush in winter, and dry but colorful in summer!
lula said…
Thanks Lizz, it does look interesting in summer, but you can only work outdoors in the early hours of morning or very late at night, is so hot outside!!!
lula said…
Yes, donna, is a very nice property and it will much more when the re-design of new sections are completed