Found my new allotment?

Living in a big city has its ups and downs.  One of them is not having a garden of your own and as I miss it very much, I had to find other ways to enjoy green work.  Spring started here earlier that usual this year at the beginning of March, and nature started to show off before I was prepared.

With the help of friends I contacted a network of urban allotments and one of them was considerably near to my home and decided to pay a visit to the place and grounds to meet the group running it.

The day I visited the place called "Huerto Cantarranas", a community garden with a very interesting project about innovation in agroecology,  the group were preparing the site for the new season and explained me how they work and what are their interests and goals.  This site belongs to the university (UCM), and most of the participants are professors from different schools, many working at scientific research departments.  But they are open to welcome new friends and collaborators, those interested in sharing the passion for growing your own and urban agriculture.

I was happy, I found my new allotment!!! They site is going under some work with trees for safety measures, but is said that this coming week will be reopen.

View of the crops growing.

The epicenter of the project, with meeting room space, schoolrooms for workshops, 

and the nurseries 

I was really happy I found this group and place where I will be able to spend time gardening, growing and helping in different projects, depending on my availability.


PlantPostings said…
Congratulations! It sounds like the perfect group and place for you. Do keep us posted on your garden projects.
How great! The allotments here in southern Germany are so interesting.
lula said…
I will do so, Im really happy!
lula said…
Thanks Cindy! Yes, this a new situation for me but I think I will have fun and best will enjoy kind of gardening again.