Gardens in museums: Museo Arqueológico Madrid

My studio is near the Museum of Archaeology and I like to think of its front garden as my private one!

But I know I have to share with visitors especially at this time of year when tourists invade the city and run from one museum to another.  The images here are from some weeks ago and they show the garden almost at its best.  We had a really hot May, feeling more like summer that late spring, but vegetation was coping with weather, unlike what is happening since June, with officially three heat waves one after the other with historic records!  I would say it feels like we have been living in this weather for ages!!! And gardens and parks are agonizing for some relief in the temperatures.

This garden is more of a small urban park that serves as a front welcoming area for museum visitors and neighbors alike, an area where to find a nice and relaxing place amidst the busy life in the historic center of the city.

And even some cherries, unfortunately already gone! 


Really pretty! Lucky you.