Urban parks, London

I like to discover green patches inside the city.  One of my walks let me to find this little park/urban garden, really hidden and just in between the busies King's Cross and Candem Boroughs.

This community garden is part of the Urban Growth London movement. They are meant to serve as learning and therapeutic initiatives for urban citizens.  And, as they publish in their website, it is about "urban plants and biodiversity".

Also, is so peaceful and beautiful that I wanted to capture with my camera to remember.


Whe we vacationed there, it really did seem there were many green patches in London. That's one of the reasons I enjoyed it so much. I would like to visit in spring or summer sometime, though, because we were there in October.
I love the shaggy paths in this garden. Do you think users and passers-by read it as naturalistic design (and support for pollinators) or as unkept? (It looks like the the raised beds are well-weeded.)

I really have to plan a warm-weather trip to London for next year.
lula said…
Thanks Beth, early summer should to be the best moment to spend time in the garden, it's when you can do a lot of work for the season, because fall is about fading which has also another beauty but less harvest.
lula said…
Thanks Cindy, this place is kind of hidden and though is open to visitors, I guess is manly used by neighbors and those enrolled in the programs, they take good care. My experience with other similar places in London is that's how is meant to be, that's the design.