Albizzia Julibrissin

Holidays are great for caching up with reading.  I took with me a considerable 
number of books divided, some of them about history of gardening and
 I enjoyed very much the one about history of styles in gardening (in Spanish), 
a kind of short volume but with concise information. 

I am half way through (I was too optimistic with my reading during holidays!) 
and I just learned that Albizia Julibrissin, Persina silk tree or mimosa, also 
known as was brought intoEurope by André Michaux and his son after their
 expeditions to North America. But Wikipedia page states that it was
Filippo degli Albizzi was the introducer inmid 18th century.  It does 
make sense by the name, but what is the right answer? 

I have seen these trees in different regions, used in different gardening style 
contexts including ornamenting the sidewalks in cities.  I love the blooming 
season and I have retrieve some images from my archive from a small town
 in Majorca (Balearic Island, Spain) that I wanted to share with you.