Gardens in Málaga summer urban botanical pleasures

A post with some images of summer "botanical interests" of Málaga, south of Spain.  
The city is absolutely beautiful in any season, but in summer can be so hot
 and humid that only night walks would be acceptable. 

In the images one can feel the temperature on the streets, so any water feature 
(a genuine heritage from islamic Andalusia) is so much welcome!!!
I hope you enjoy this walk.


Fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing these amazing images. That part of Spain is definitely on my wish list--probably for a February or March "spring break" trip sometime! Gorgeous!
Anonymous said…
I very much enjoyed the walk. It is like being transported to another world for me. I can see the Islamic influences and very much like this style of design. They make plant life become art. It does look hot there too!
lula said…
Thanks for the comments. I love this city and it definitely is worth many visits, now is becoming an arts hub with some new art museums recently opened, like the Guggenheim. And not to forget the gastronomy and the surroundings, Do you get I like the area? Ja, ja! Donna is interesting your comment about plant life become art, yes it does!