Urban seasonal foraging

Taking sometime to read nature in urban environments teach us a lesson of patience and surprise.
 We could find some treasures in parks and gardens, and with some luck good findings
 are just about crossing our paths.

In a park near home I found masses of bushes of Juniperus communis that were full of cones some green and some already ripening.

Now I have a good stock of cones to use in the kitchen and for drinks in party.

In a park nearby, there are some rosebushes still blooming the last of the roses for the season 
and I cut few of them for a small bouquet for my desk.

And a made an original arrangement out of some branches from a fallen tree after a storm, that I found on the sidewalk on my way to work.



Anonymous said…
I am always surprised what juniper berries can create in the kitchen. On my trip I learned of a liquor made from them. Your vase with the petals in the vase is pretty, great idea especially for the photo.
lula said…
Thanks Donna, I would like to hear about the liquor made from juniper berries!

Anonymous said…
Juniperis communis grows at the edges of my garden, but I never thought of foraging its cones. Thanks for the tip. -Jean
lula said…
Thanks Jean, I didn't know either, but I am so interested in plants with culinary value that I am finding many interesting samples.