A secluded urban garden, winter portrait

Some days ago I was greatly surprised by discovering a renovated (I mean the architecture and the gardens) institution, the Fundación Giner De Los RíosAs it was Sunday only the exhibition halls and gardens were open to visitors.  These areas opened recently after a long renovation by architectural studio amid.cero9, and I really liked their approach to consolidate the old buildings with the new ones, creating a one solid architectural compound. I also enjoyed very much the gardens restored by landscaper Teresa Galí-Izar, who worked with the concept of respecting the original garden, maintaining the idea of being the garden the focal and meeting point, as well as conceiving it as a changing and evolving space.

It looks as a secluded garden, in the middle of a busy neighborhood and not very large. One interesting solution is that as there is not enough depth in the ground to plant climbers, trees, or species that would need good ground, as under the garden there are basements, they have used large planting bags especially for climbers that would cover the tubular walls of buildings facing the garden.

I really am interested in following this through the seasons and see how it evolves and what vegetation will be growing in the different micro areas kind of modern parterres. 


Anonymous said…
I too would like to see this garden through the seasons. It looks like it will have quite a bit of interest even though the space is not huge. I like the use of vertical elements and plants.
PlantPostings said…
How fascinating. It looks very inviting tucked around the corner is it is. I'll look forward to your coverage during the various seasons!
I am fascinating by modern architecture and plants that complement it. I find all the climbing plants in this space interesting and I agree it will be fun to see it change over the seasons.