Other winters in February, from the Archive

Forecast:  sunny and around 18ºC for the next days!!!!  can you believe this is February 1st???? From my window today,

As tomorrow is already Groundhog Day, and this winter is nothing like a normal winter so far, and I miss so much cold and snowy weather, I have decided to go back into the archive and check on previous  Februaries to look for more wintery images!

February 2014, Horninan Museum and Gardens, London  My first visit to this museum and gardens, where I had a great time! 

February 2013, Vondel Park, Amsterdam

This image is from February 2010, is not on the blog since I did not started it until late that year, but I love it and brings good memories of snow from the terrace at home.

How about your February 1st, landscapes?


PlantPostings said…
Beautiful images, Lula, especially the Madrid vegetable garden scene and the Helleborus macro. That's a stunning cultivar. The winter scenes by me were relatively mild today, but with another snowstorm on the way. Winter usually continues here for at least another month. But I can see some signs of new spring life here and there in the garden. :)
lula said…
Thanks Beth, for what I see this is not a normal winter in many places, let's see how the end of it develops and what brings the spring.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful images. Today was just like spring here. Very warm and plants starting to green up. This year has been a roller coaster in temperatures. What blooms next spring will be quite a surprise.
Anonymous said…
In this El Nino year, I have snow cover in my February garden, but much less (inches rather than feet) than we had last year at this time. -Jean