Patrick Blanc's vertical garden in Madrid, the evolution

These first images of Patric Blanc's vertical garden in Madrid are from February 2008 in the first moments of the installation of the garden.  I was here only for few days and I was told that the novelty of the new garden attracted public for months. This garden is part of the Cultural Center Caixaforum, the building opposite and designed by team architects Herzog & de Meuron

The garden actually is installed in a building external to the cultural center to offer a better view. The installation creates a kind of square, a plaza for public to admire.

These next images are from October-November 2014 when the process of restoring and replanting of the garden was began in a one half section of the garden.  For weeks there were cranes working in the re-planting of the garden.  It was one spectacle to watch! 

Once the planting was finished all it was needed was waiting to see how it developed, while the next section was in process of restoring.

These last images are from January 2016 will the full garden renovated and looking already mature despite the hot and extremely dry summer and fall 2015. 


Very interesting!
How fascinating, and it's beautiful!
Anonymous said…
That's amazing. How often will the vertical garden need refurbishing? -Jean
lula said…
Thanks for your comments, Jean I'm not sure because I could not talk to the managers, but I 'm told by some experts that it depends on many things: the weather, the growing, the adaptation to the building, and of course the budget. In this case it has been 8 years since the installation of the garden.