Happy many seasonal festivities! first a late Saint Patrick greetings

This year there are so many festivities in almost the same week, that I think it deserves a collection of post to properly greet the season.  definitely we have said bye to winter, though it does not looks very springtime today.

This first post is about Saint Patrick:  it's all about green, of course! pics are from my few days in Mallorca.


Donna@GWGT said…
Very beautiful, especially that first image. I would love to have a picnic there. I just commented to you on places I will likely never see and this is one I doubt I will get to. Lovely spot, plus the lemons look refreshing.
lula said…
Thanks Donna, it was my recent trip to Majorca, and if you ever come back to Europe you should try to visit the island, I can give you some tips, but it needs to be either in early spring or fall, summer is too hot and everything look so dusty and burned! and in winter is too humid. This is my friend's garden, I have posted about it last year and I will do it again in few months because we are working on a project cultivating a new tree. Soon more info.