First GBBD in 2017, though a little late!

First GBBD of 2017.
This past January 15th, in Spain and for days, weather reports are menacing with polar air and bitterly cold days, that may be true in the northern regions, 
but here in Madrid ..., but this is my balcony yesterday morning!

I am joining (after a long hiatus) the GBBD community with my very humble-mini-balcony garden.
The plants growing are from seeds planted directly in last October and they are thriving due to a very mild fall season with warm and sunny days.

The balcony is South oriented so they receive a lot of sun and warmth.
I have marigolds, begonia, some Kalanchoe daigremointiana, beautiful fuchsia Cyclamens,
growing  sweet peas, fantastic Nasturtiums, for salads, parsley, dill, fenugreek, potatoes, ...

I am not happy at all about dry and warm weather, 
actually I'm very worried, but I try to enjoy this small nature wonder 
with flowers that might be of help to insects.


Carol said…
Thank you for joining in for bloom day. I love seeing flowers blooming outdoors in the winter time. You must have a great climate for gardening!
Anonymous said…
Lula, Looking out from my color-starved wintry world,it is a treat to see all the bright, warm colors of your balcony garden in January. -Jean
Donna@GWGT said…
I think your garden is pretty and colorful. I am sure the insects agree.