In a vase on my studio

Starting a new year with my firm disposition of enjoying this blog, and I say enjoying because I want it to be a pleasant activity not an obligation.

I want to participate more in the sharing of posts, yes a resolution! and I will be posting to contribute to those garden bloggers who host memes.

This images of today is about In a vase, some cuttings of  Epipremnum aureum in an intent to bring more plants to my studio that help with purifying the air.  We definitely need that extra help in big cities.

The second is some leftovers from Xmas decorations, I cannot resist to keep them a bit longer

I am posting to contribute to Cathy's Rambling in the Garden,  In a Vase in Monday meme.


Christina said…
Everyone is being very inventive this week as there are so few flowers around.
lula said…
Yes, winter seems to fuel inventiveness!