GBBD March 2017, feels like spring already!

I tend to spot flowers everywhere I go. Like for example this exhibition about Fashion in the times of Romanticisms period in Europe, at a museum in Madrid.  I was doing some research for an article and was very interested in the costume part of the expo, but couldn't help myself to stay in the details. Like the table set for a family meal in a European family home around 1835.  The table had a beautiful center piece bouquet as a dramatic focus on the table.

Following with details, today's GBBD is dedicated to my Cosmos in the balcony. I planted in late September, it was so great weather that I decided to give it a try to sow some seeds and see what happens.  They did survive the so much mild autumn and kind of mild winter and last month the gave me signs of blooming.  And last week I had my first Cosmos bloom!

Here are some pics from today, a bright sunny March 15th for you to enjoy.

I don't know what variety, because seeds came from a bag stored in my seeds box with no further info, should be more careful next time!  I am testing how long can they live as cut flower, as I am preparing a project coming to live in the coming weeks.

And now my plant is offering over 30 blooms ready to show their best!!! But also check the Nasturtiums growing!

This is my contribution to Carol's Garden Blogger's Bloom Day - March 2017


Alana said…
We won't have cosmos for months, where I live in upstate New York. But I've only grown them a couple of times in some 30 years of flower gardening. I realized last year that was a mistake, but I am going to get a dwarf variety last year. It was so nice seeing your bloom when we have so much snow on the ground. Happy GBBD!
Oh, Cosmos and Nasturtiums on the balcony! Sounds delightful! I understand when you say you always notice flowers--I always notice plants and flowers, too. :)
Lisa Greenbow said…
How rewarding taking a chance on cosmos and to have them grow and BLOOM! Happy GBBD.
Anonymous said…
My mind is boggled, but my heart is gladdened, by the sight of cosmos blooming in March! -Jean
Lula said…
Thanks Jean, I share your feelings!
lula said…
Thanks Beth, Colors of flowers give me a sense of serenity.