The making of a floral arrangement, the portraits

In the past months I have been travelling and working in different cities. It has been an exciting start of new projects that will continue after a short break for some days of vacation.  I did not have much time for blogging, but part of the work involved shooting many photos and I am still working on organizing the archive and albums.  I will be posting about some of the projects in the next days.

The weeks I spent working in some project in an arts center near Antwerpen (Belgium), gave the opportunity to also experiment with new ideas about foraged flora and the new floral movement using wildflowers, locally and sustainably harvested. I had the chance to create some floral arrangements to be used in various vernissages, and I admit, I had great time!

Here are some of the arrangements in a spectacular scenery, a former butterflies house that is a perfect  luxurious but very neglected background that I loved photograph.
Next post will be about the making off and close ups of materials.

I hope you enjoy it!




You are talented in so many ways, Lula! Congratulations on your new projects. Thanks for sharing some of your creative endeavors. :)
lula said…
Thank you so much Beth! I had a break from posting due to new adventures, but I am so happy to go back to share my projects with all of you. I hope you will like what is coming next.