Parc de Laeken Park van Laeken, Brussels


Donna said…
I love how this tree pops up in the middle of the other plants, solitary in her pink cape...what a stunning pink color
Simply gorgeous! I feel like I am back home again. I lived in Waterloo during my teenage years. It is like my second home.
lula said…
Indeed it was more than stunning, I tried hard to capture the color and feeling of spring blooming. Thanks
lula said…
Karin, what incredible coincidence! I live quite near Waterloo and like it very much. I'm happy to bring you good memories. Thanks
Anonymous said…
Lula, What a beautiful sight. In another week or so, my walk to work in Gettysburg, PA will feature a succession of beautiful flowering trees. Pink blossoms of weeping cherry, magnolia and flowering dogwood (Cornus florida) are all right on the verge of bursting into bloom. -Jean
Megan said…
Thanks for saying hello on my blog and leading me to yours! It's lovely, lovely!

Very beautiful, like a lollipop for plant lovers.
Shyrlene said…
Lula - how enchanting! This is just lovely, and in Brussels. Your photos are a window to the world. Thank you!
lula said…
Jean, I wish you enjoy the blooming of your trees in PA very soon! and look forward to see them in your blog Thanks for your comment.
Megan, thanks for visiting!
Carolyn, I am glad you liked it!
Shyrlene, Many thanksfor the comment!
Anonymous said…
Qué preciosidad de foto Lula!
Una abrazo,