Olea europaea

Olives, the origins of the "liquid gold", from millenarian Mediterranean olive trees 


Gabriel Rochard said…
You must enjoy Mallorca a lot... I guess the "cuisine" with olive oil is mandatory over there !
Thanks for this great picture.
Great shot of the Olives, and with the dew drops on the leaves! Magical!
MyGardenSchool said…
Beautiful photography. thanks for sharing. Would be great to see you at
Anonymous said…
A very pretty image of the olives. It is a nice, almost monochromatic image.
lula said…
Thanks for your comment. Your website and projects are fantastic, as well as the blog with all info you offer. This is a good connection. Lula
Rohrerbot said…
Great pic! Olives are delicious...but olive oil...yum!!!
lula said…
Donna, Thank you so much gor your comment, it feels you knew I was preparing a new post! Best, Lula