Mediterranean cultivars

After a long (yes, too long!) hiatus this blog is ready to go back to work with renewed energies.  These weeks the posts will be a mixed of images from the past summer and new ones from current projects.
The images today are a tribute to ancient traditional cultivars in the Mediterranean long, hot and dry summers, that happen to be some of my favorite fruits!

Orange tree

Fig tree
Palm Tree
This is a welcome back to readers!


Glad to have you back with some excellent photos.
Lula, It is a cold (55F) rainy day. Time to look up what you and others have posted on blogs. Great catching up with you. Nice to see you back again. The grapes look so good. Really Good! I bet they taste great. Have not grown any here except the native wild ones that show up here and there. Maybe will have fruit next year. Jack
Glad to see you're back to blogging. Sounds like you had some great summer adventures. I always enjoy seeing your amazing photography!
Glad you are back...I have missed your outstanding photography! These are beautiful. I especially love the fruit!
Lovely pictures and awesome photography.
lula said…
Thank you Carolyn for your visit, I'll catch up with your blog next days
lula said…
Jack, I am glad to bring some sunshine and a big smile to you. Grapes should be fantastic by end of month for vintage. I learned about some local/traditionally produced) wines that were great, sorry you cannot taste them throught the blog!
lula said…
Liz, great to see you here! yes, there were reconnections with own roots, I will post about some of them. will atch up with your blog all blogs, slowly, next days
lula said…
Karin, Thanks for your nice comment, you will have more from past weeks. see you in your blog!
lula said…
Thanks for the last comment! Lula
What a beautiful palm tree! Glad you're back. I posted from Rwanda for the first time today.
Anonymous said…
Lula, delighted to see you blogging again. I have missed your wonderful photos - and seeing these ones makes me nostalgic (in a good way) for northern Europe and its autumnal riches.