Ampelodesmos mauritanica

This is a beautiful image of the Mallorcan countryside in late summer, but it also shows what is becoming a problem and can be a dangerous environmental situation: a fast grow grass that can become invasive, taking over cultivars, the "ampelodesmos mauritanica" locally known as "carritx", that sometimes can be mistaken with "Macrochloa tenacissima" and "stipa tenacissima", commonly known as "espart", a very appreciated plant for its many uses in domestic country objets: rugs, panniers for mules and donkeys, shoes (soles of espardenyes), etc.

But the "carritx" that has also other interesting uses, such as huge beach umbrellas, has a rough feel and touch very unsuitable, even goats!, which is granting free growing making it taking over other better suited specimens. There are projects going on from research institutes for promoting studies on how to proceed to balance the situation. 


It does make a beautiful photograph though!
lula said…
Thanks Karin! but in an island all precautions must be taken for invasives