Fall's best colors - National Botanic Garden of Belgium (Meise, Brussels)

Fall in many regions is the season to enjoy colors in forests, gardens, and even streets of cities, vegetation does the best to show off greens turning yellows and reds in the most impressive tones.

One of the fantastic places to enjoy at full the season, are the botanical gardens.  The images in the post are from a recent visit to the National Botanic Garden of Belgium in Meise, outside of Brussels, general views of the grounds and one of the sections dedicated to a grasses.

Reception area
Bookshop and cafeteria
Gingko biloba

Main Greenhouse and some magnolios   
Euonymus hamiltonianus

Metasequoia glyptostroboides
Grasses area
Typha angustifolia

Cortaderia selloana


Anonymous said…
Wow, what a gorgeous place. It has such lovely color, and I appreciate seeing it because our area missed out a lot this year. The weather did not comply.
I love all those fall colors! The ginko is so impressive! Thanks for the tour of the Botanical Garden. Lots of inspiring shots!
What a lovely place. thanks for sharing it with us.
Indie said…
Wow, gorgeous pictures of stunning fall colors! I love the third picture with all of the trees. Beautiful!
lula said…
Thanks Donna, It was fantastic walking the grounds and enjoying the colors! I am sorry you didn't have in your area, here in a week is almost lost. The best foliage was two years ago, beeches were like golden trees. I can post some pictures, because I was not a that time blogging.
lula said…
Karin, yes it was very inspiring and relaxing too
lula said…
Carolyn, i will posting more on the garden , since I am documenting it through the seasons. I reserve the greenhouse for next months when there are less images to take outside, though the grasses will offer a spectacle in snow