Collection of begonias - National Botanic Garden Belgium

This collection was part of the exhibit at a courtyard of the National Botanic Garden of Belgium, shown last summer.  Plants were from local nurseries who are working on research of specimens for the garden.

View of the exhibit
begonia "summerwings rose" 
begonia "doublet white"
begonia multiflora "le flamboyant"
begonia x tuberhybrida "pin up rose"
begonia multiflora "richard galle"
begonia x tuberhybrida "nonstop yellow"
begonia x tuberhybrida "nonstop white"
begonia x tuberhybrida "illumination"
begonia x tuberhybrida "odorata wit"


Andrea said…
Wow these are amazing begonias, I didn't know there are varieties which look like roses like the 3 last photos, especially that yellow one, magnificent!
The bright red Begonias are tough to photograph, but your shots are amazing! That display must have been spectacular in person.
lula said…
Liz, it was just beautiful and I learned about specimens I did not know. red color is difficult many times and I shot many pictures to be sure I got the "real" one. thanks!
lula said…
Andrea, yes some of the begonias had a appearance of roses, especially in pictures, thanks!
Anonymous said…
I am in agreement, great looking begonias.