End of year, best wishes to a happy new 2012!!!

It is almost a year when I encountered the site Blotanical and became a member of the "blogging club" where garden lovers meet to share their passion:gardening in any of the forms it can ben lived.  Since today is also the last day of the year, and I believe it is time for celebration and a special visit to posts from the year 2011.

There are many ways to"read" the visits to one's blog, by looking at visits in statistics, the The Barbican Complex, architecture with nature in the City of London post can be the most visited, followed by Helleborus Snow Love, Crocus Vernus "Queen of the blue"Visit to Parc Tenbosch, Brussels, and The Botanical Garden in Antwerp, an intimate botanical garden, among others.

Another way to evaluate visits is by the comments on posts, the ranking here could be: Helleborus Niger "HGC Josef Lemper", Astrantia Alba MajorMagnolia Soulangeana / ForsythiaNarcissus Tiercel, Helleborus Snow LoveHyacinthus "Deflt Blue"Mediterranean cultivars, and so on.  Is is interesting look for coincidences, such as in this case, the post with an image of Helleborus Snow Love that appears in both lists.

Helleborus "snow love"
 I believe that the best way to look at the work done in a year is a combination of, a third of "not bad" feeling and two thirds of "enthusiasm for what comes ahead" feeling.  But nothing compares to the feeling of gratitude to readers.

Inthe next year there will continue to be posts dedicate to botanical photography, posts about projects I am involved in, posts about visits to gardens, posts in collaboration with colleagues, seasonal posts.  There wull be some personal and professonal changes and hopefully the blog will feature the boggers own garden, a project long desired.  It is a year full of wishes.

I leave you with some images from past weeks, so  here is to you all, my personal wishes of a very happy new year 2012!!!
Verbeke Foundation, Earthship project
Felke Garden Housing, Stekene
Miscanthus Sinensis
Urban Ecology Center, renovation urban garden 
Nolana Padoxa
Lula documenting at Verbeke Foundation


Anonymous said…
Looking forward to another fine year of your beautiful work. You may not know, but your photography inspired me to work harder at it. I saw so much in your work from which to learn, from technique to composition.
lula said…
Dear Donna, I thank you so much for your comment here, now the year 2012 ahead looks just perfect!!
Shyrlene said…
Lula - your blog has been such a treat to view and read. Your view of the world around you inspires your readers every day.

Happy New Year! So looking forward to your posts in 2012! :)
Dear Lula: Always a pleasure to visit your blog! It sounds like you will be quite busy this year. I wish you all the best in the months ahead and look forward to hearing about your plans and seeing your amazing photographs! Cheers! Beth
Lula, I want to wish you a very Happy New Year and a wonderful 2012. Carolyn