Winter is a season that grants time to gardeners to digg into books, enciclpedias, catalogues, etc. to look for new inspiration, or just learned more about what one is interested in. In the case of garden or landscape photographers is a season of another kind of photography: one that challenges the weather and look for outstanding images of nature and another indoors, more introspective and reflective.  This weekend has been mostly about macro and colorfull subjects in photography.
Last week I visited a nursery (I will post this week about it) and ended up buying some bulbs and one little plant: a Calceolaria (below info from Wikipedia, and supporting Wednesday's blackout):
"This genus consists of about 388 species of shrubs, lianas and herbs, and the geographic range extends from Patagonia to central Mexico, with its distribution centre in Andean region. Calceolaria in Latin means shoemaker."

I cultivated one long time ago, and was amazed by the color, and the sculptural shape, I am still captivated by the beauty, though the plant is small in size is huge in photogenic and my macro lens loved it!


Yes, great subject for your macro lens! The color is magnificent--it seems to pop out of my computer screen. Lovely captures, Lula!
A lovely pop of color during these dull winter days. Great macros!
Hi Lula, Winter is always a bit frustrating for me in terms of photography. I have no indoor lights and have to wait for a sunny day with lots of natural light to shoot anything. I have an amaryllis is full bloom and wonder if it will fade before I have a chance to make a portrait of it.
I like the happy color of your plant purchase. I have never had one of these plants, but have often admired them.