February's landscapes, the geographical factor

The month of February is past, but I feel like looking back and remember sceneries.  The images below are from the same month but different year, 2012 and 2013.  Geography plays a huge role here: different climate zones, different landscapes, and for me very different emotions.  I hope you enjoy the weekend!

Forêt de Soignes, Brussels, February 2012

Cami de Sa Cova, Majorca, February 2013.  Yes, almond trees bloomed already, just glorious!


How fun to see your photos, have you on my Google reader. Had to comment today as I have been to Soignes! Used to live in Frankfurt and sister lived in Soignes. Great comparison.
Anonymous said…
Very beautiful set of images Lula. I feel so relaxed looking through them.
Both locations are stunning--especially through your lens. Of course, Belgium is more similar to my climate. Winter is beautiful, but it just lasts too long in a cold climate. Lucky you, to be able to experience both. Maybe you can spend a little time in both locations each winter. ;-)
Anonymous said…
I find both geographies beautiful in their own way, Lula, but I especially love the ethereal quality of that misty shot. -Jean